This innovative products "Diamond Brazed Tools -D.B.T" are now bringing forth the drastic change in the diamond tool business pattern with amazing excellent performances and productivities will take the concrete ground for the future generation tool.
Saw Blade

Laser Welded Saw Blade, Silver Brazed Blade, Silent Blade(Laser Cutting Type, Sandwich Type), Tuck Point Blade, Off Set Blade, Concave Saw Blade, Crack Chaser(V & U-Shape), Dry Segment Cutter, Wall Chaser, Sintered Blade, Turbo Cutter, Continuous Rim Cutter.

Core drill

Core Drill Bit For Construction, Core Drill Bit For Granite & Marble, Laser Welded Core Bit(Dry Type), Crown (Ring) Type Core Drill, Turbo Segment Core Bit, Coutinuous Turbo Core Bit, Mini Core Bit, Non Core Drill Bit, Finger Bit(Router Bit), Super Crown Bit, Core Drill Bit For Button & Glass, Pilot Reaming Bit.

Grinding cup-wheel

Single Cup Wheel, Double Cup Wheel, Turbo Cup Wheel, Swirly Turbo Cup Wheel, Resin Cup Wheel, Snail Lock Turbo Cup Wheel, T-Cup Wheel, Milling Cup Wheel.

Electroplating tools

Electroplated Blade, Electroplated off-set Blade, Electroplated Mini Core Bit, Electroplated Wire Saw Beads.

Refinishing & Shaping Wheel

Refinishing & Shaping Wheel, Metal Floor Disk, Drum Wheel, Profile Wheel.

Other tools

Wire Saw, Wire Saw Pulley, Segments.